Friday Sep 01, 2023

#252 Pierre Robin Syndrome with Corinne Merlino

This episode was originally recorded for It Happened To Me: A Rare Disease podcast, where our host Kira Dineen is the Executive Producer. Sometimes Kira joins this podcast as a guest host especially when there will be genetic topics, like in this episode. 


This episode was extra special as DNA Today’s Communications Lead Corinne Merlino was the guest! Corinne was also a guest on Episodes 245 and 246 where we answered listener’s questions about the genetic counseling graduate school application process. This was recorded in NBC Universal’s Stamford Studios so we recommend watching it on YouTube


Corinne was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, a rare congenital birth defect that affects craniofacial development. Navigating life as a patient from a young age sparked her passion for science, medicine, and advocacy, and ultimately inspired her to pursue a career in genetic counseling.


Corinne currently works as a clinical research coordinator for -The Palliative and Advanced Illness Research- or (PAIR) Center- at The University of Pennsylvania. There she supports multiple studies focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of specialty palliative care services for seriously ill patients. 


In 2020, Corinne received her B.S. in Biology and Healthcare Ethics from Saint Joseph's University. Corinne is currently a graduate student in genetic counseling at the University of Pennsylvania.


During the episode we mentioned Philly Phaces and the book and film Wonder


Stay tuned for the next new episode of DNA Today on September 8th where we will discuss inborn errors of immunity with a Blueprint Genetics clinical genomic liaison, Torry Howell and the Founder and Executive Director of the CGD Association of America, Felicia Morton. 


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